Wednesday, 19 December 2012

The Ulster Unionist Party 1905-2012 Rest In Peace

So Peter Robinson and Mike Nesbitt have set up a Unionist Forum together. Yet the street protests continue and show no end in sight. In fact the leader of the protests has said that the protests show the Unionist people have lost trust in their elected representives to lead. The agenda shows how far they have lost touch with reality. This Pan-Unionist Front is not going to deliver anything. Apart of course from bringing the Ulster Unionists even closer to the DUP. All these joint statements and joint press conferences and now pan-unionist front meetings are only leading in one direction. And that is one Unionist party with the DUP running the show and whats left of the UUP sweeping up after them. Yesterday Mike Nesbitt sounded the death notice for his party.

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