Friday, 16 January 2015

Chuck Feeney Gives A Million To Assembly

The Northern Ireland Assembly has been given £600,000 by a US billionaire philanthropist to help MLAs improve their political skills.

The money will be spent on events aimed at making politicians more effective.

Irish-American Chuck Feeney's Atlantic Philanthropies has previously donated £400,000 to the assembly.

Part of this latest donation will be spent on events to promote women in politics, and classes covering subjects like managing your online reputation.

A spokesperson for Atlantic Philanthropies said: " The over-arching objective of Atlantic's grant-making in Northern Ireland is to cement peace and contribute to building a more equitable society that protects rights and strengthens democracy.

"Recognising the importance of political leadership to cementing the peace, Atlantic has provided support to Politics Plus to enable them to continue to provide independent, effective and creative programmes for those involved in politics and public life."

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